Rhinestone Sash Clip/Napkin Ring - Fuchsia

  • $0.25

Upgrade your Chair Sashes or Napkins with a beautiful rhinestone clip or pin. Choose from various designs to give your special event, wedding, banquet a fabulous, elegant statement. Our Rhinestone Mesh Velcro Napkin/Sash Clip does just that!

Each clip is pliable and will easily bend to your desired shape. Pair with our Rhinestone Velcro Drape/Sash Clip to keep consistency throughout your event!

For more rhinestone items, check out our line of Rhinestone Pins and items from our Crystal Line.

Material: Plastic Decoration Mesh with diamond studded w/Velcro sewn in the back.

Dimensions: Approx. 1.75"W x 4.50"L

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